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I have written features on a range of subjects including history, management, education, child welfare, the voluntary sector and IT. I have reviewed books, products and educational software. These are some of the journals, magazines and websites which have published my work.


Discover your Ancestors January 2020, Graffiti

Discover your Ancestors November 2019, Thorncliffe Colliery Riot 1870

Discover your Ancestors August 2019, Old Age Pensions

Discover your Ancestors March 2019, Pillar and Post Boxes

Lancashire Evening Post 27th February 2019. Grim twilight world of the women who worked county’s coal mines

Discover your Ancestors December 2018. Crowning Glory or Devil's Mark?

The National Portrait Gallery October 2018. The Life of Arthur Shirley

Discover your Ancestors September 2018. The Great Turf Frauds

Discover your Ancestors July 2018. Huskar - An Unusual Mining Tragedy

Discover your Ancestors February 2018. Vinegar Valentines

Discover your Ancestors October 2017. The Trial of the Century

Discover your Ancestors August 2017. What's in a Name?

Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, September 2017. How to Set Up a Specialist Website

Your Family History, July 2017. Out of the Doll's House - Women in Public Life

Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, March 2017. Find your family in the news - Read All About It!

Guest Post for No More Wriggling out of Writing on 26th April 2016, How old newspapers can aid historical research

Guest Post for the Newsroom Blog at the British Library on 14th April 2016, Using Old Newspapers

Guest Post for Victorian Supersleuths, Fraudulent News Stories

Guest Post for Madame Gilflurt's Georgian Salon, Breach of Promise in the Georgian Era

Guest Post for Victorian Supersleuths, The Suspicions of Miss Agnes Josling

Historical Honey (Blog), Breach of Promise to Marry: A Disturbing Case

The British Newspaper Archive, Breach of Promise in local & national newspapers.

Visit Victorian England (Blog), The Perils of Breach of Promise

Discover Your History May 2014, Wounded in the Crimea

Discover Your History March 2014, Breach of Promise to Marry

Historical Honey (Blog), But you said we were to marry

Daily Express, Revenge of the Jilted Women, 24th February 2014

Gill Hoff's website, What connects the Sinking of RMS Tayleur and Breach of Promise to Marry?

The British Newspaper Archive. A Yorkshire mining tragedy

Victorian Supersleuths, A Victorian Law where crime could pay

Jane Austen's Regency World, January / February 2014. The Scandal of being caught up in a Breach of Promise of Marriage case

Memories of Barnsley Winter 2012, Barnsley's Forgotten Heroines. Read the text here

BBC History October 2012, The Scandal of Female Miners

Writing Women's History Blog, The Truth about Britain's Female Coal Miners

Your Family History February 2011, Lasses Down t' Pit. Read the text here

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