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Forthcoming events and updates to my research, writing, books and reviews.

March 2019

Adding to my reviews of other authors' works

Shell Shocked Britain - The First World War’s Legacy for Britain’s Mental Health by Susie Grogan

The Women Who Inspired London Art by Lucy Merello Peterson

Secret Wartime Britain by Colin Philpott

November 2018

New information about Job Siddons has been obtained.

A link to a photograph of Arthur Shirley held by the National Portrait Gallery has been added.

July 2018

An Officer, but no Gentleman has been added to Breach of Promise - New Discoveries.

Joseph Cauldwell – Public Servant has been updated. Jarratts People 1921-1940.

May 2018

Joseph Cauldwell – Public Servant has been added to Jarratts People 1921-1940.

March 2018

Details of four women who were killed working underground at coal mines have been added to Pitlasses Research - An Update.

February 2018

Billy Hammond - Ten Minutes of Madness has added to Jarratts People 1901.

Several other Jarratts pages have updated including Jarratts Violence, Child Welfare and Bad Language

January 2018

The story of the Thorncliffe riot in January 1870 has been added to the Jarratts Community 1861 -1880 page.