What's New

Forthcoming events and updates to my research, writing, books and reviews.

May 2018

Joseph Cauldwell – Public Servant has been added to Jarratts People 1921-1940.

March 2018

Details of four women who were killed working underground at coal mines have been added to Pitlasses Research - An Update.

February 2018

Billy Hammond - Ten Minutes of Madness has added to Jarratts People 1901.

Several other Jarratts pages have updated including Jarratts Violence, Child Welfare and Bad Language

January 2018

The story of the Thorncliffe riot in January 1870 has been added to the Jarratts Community 1861 -1880 page.

November 2017

The Jarratts Families section has been updated to include 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1939. 1921 is not included because the census information is not yet available.

Jarratts People 1861-1880, the Mining Roll of Honour and Roll of Dishonour - Violence have also been updated.

October 2017

Using census returns, BMD and parish records, a new section about Jarratts families has been added. It has information about several families and where they lived on the site in 1861, 1871 and 1881.

August 2017

I've written an article in September's Who Do You Think You Are? magazine about How to Set Up a Specialist Website.

I'm working for some new leads on families that have lived at Jarratts Buildings